Thursday, 26 June 2014

I am sad that it is the end of term as we don't get to do the powan blog. But next year we hope to have the powan again and the blog. That makes me happy.
By Savannah
I wonder where the fish are in the loch and how big they are.
By Evelyn
I loved looking after the powan and I loved saving them from extinction. But now it is the holidays and we will have a nice break.
By Logan
I hope we will be working with the powan next year.
By Athena
I have really enjoyed working with the powan this year and am excited about the summer holidays.
By Olivia
This is my last week at Luss Primary School and I will miss everyone and our work on the powan.
By Mollie
We sang our "Song of the Powan" at our church service on Tuesday. P7 got to ring the bell as a leaving tradition!